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My publisher (^___^) JayHenge Publishing has just announced that their latest anthology of short stories is now available. It's called 'Unearthly Sleuths' and I have a story in there, 'Noir Comedy', under the name Charlotte Frankel. You can see the UK paperback here and the UK Kindle edition here, and the US paperback version here and the US Kindle edition here.

As with the previous anthology I was involved in, I'm so pleased by how well-designed the collection is. I'm rather tickled by the fact that any 'a's in the authors' names are replaced by a little magnifying glass, and each story gets its own image as well. Mine is of a woman in a mask - as my story is a crossover between Commedia dell'arte and Detective Noir. (Someone else's prompt from Flash Fiction Month on DA, but I like to think I did it justice...) And it's a great cover as well. Haven't actually read the collection yet - but there are several authors in there I know and admire. I'm very happy to have been involved, and in fact I'm already planning on submitting stuff for another anthology.

Talking of little magnifying glasses... I'm in my *cough*late-40s*cough* but my near sight is still in pretty good shape for most situations. However, I am noticing the onward march of time - I have to hold my wristwatch a little further away, I can't comfortably thread a needle any more, I need plenty of light to read the small print on the back of a packet. And most pertinently, at work customers sometimes thrust items at me, point to tiny, tiny print on the label and ask, "What does that say?" And I either can't read it at all, or can't read it with confidence.

And so, in the spirit of keeping the ageing process as fun as possible, I have bought... my very own golden pince-nez! It's so cute. The frame is metal and a pale golden colour, with a little loop if I wish to attach a chain, and the lenses are oval. The whole thing is surprisingly small - about the width of a credit card. And I hadn't realised that pince-nez are worn so far down the nose - at the soft bit, rather than on the bridge. This makes it very easy to look over the pince-nez as well as through it, switching from near to far sight. Mine does pince the nez slightly more than I was hoping, but I can't expect a perfect fit from something off the shelf - and I don't need to wear them a lot.

I will go and have a proper eye test eventually though. It has only been 30 years or so... ^^"
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I'm guessing most comms have things sorted out by now. But I've been doing a bit of experimenting, and I thought I'd put my results here in case they can help or reassure anyone else.

So, first of all - any posts already in a DW comm when you do an import from LJ will not be wiped. That is, posts directly posted to the DW comm or copies of LJ posts from an earlier import - once they're there in the DW comm, they are there permanently unless you choose to delete them. No future imports will affect them.

This also means that if you import a post from LJ to DW, and then that post is deleted on LJ - its copy will still remain on DW for all following imports. (And if you delete an LJ copy on DW, you do have the option of reimporting it, as long as it still exists on LJ.)

All new comments can be imported. If an LJ post is imported to DW and then another comment is added to the LJ original, that comment can be imported over to the DW copy. And no DW comments will be affected by the imports.

In fact, the software only ever imports new stuff over to DW, which is a good thing. You won't end up getting multiple copies of posts. The only drawback is that if an LJ post is edited on LJ after it has been copied to DW, that edit won't be picked up in the next import. The original and its copy have to be edited separately. (Or the copy on DW has to be deleted altogether and the LJ original imported again.)

You cannot of course crosspost from DW comms to LJ comms - you have to copy and paste if you want a modpost, for example, on both sides. I haven't directly tried this, but I would assume the software would count these as two separate posts - even though visually they would be identical. So I guess those kind of 'twin' posts would be counted as new posts and would be imported across. But you would have the option of deleting those if you wished.

Here are the experiments I did:


I put a test post on the new DW Holmes Minor comm.

I put a test post on the LJ Holmes Minor.

I did my first import, and checked the DW post remained. Which it did ^^


I deleted the copy of the LJ test post that was now on DW.

I changed the text slightly in one of my posts on LJ.

I added a test comment to another of my posts on LJ.

I reimported the LJ Holmes Minor.

I checked that the LJ test post was reimported - Yes!

I looked to see if the edited post was - No.

I looked to see if the extra comment was - Yes!


I left the LJ test post in situ on DW.

I deleted the LJ test post on LJ.

I added a comment and reply to an imported post on DW. And added a different comment and reply to its original on LJ.

Once again, I reimported the LJ Holmes Minor, and looked to see if the DW version of the LJ test post stayed - Yes!

I checked that the LJ comments were imported over, and that the DW comments were unaffected - Yes!
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I had a bit of a stressful evening yesterday regarding LJ - I logged in to find my journal had been suspended.

The page I was faced with explained what my journal could have been suspended for, and stated that I should have received an email giving the particular reason. I hadn't - and I was pretty sure I had done nothing wrong anyway. I immediately reported the suspension, and thankfully it got sorted out pretty quickly. When I checked this morning I was back, and I'd finally got the explanation from LJ that my journal had been (erroneously) flagged as a source of spam.

But though all this was stressful, I didn't panic. Because luckily, and just by chance, I'd recently read an LJ post written by someone who'd gone through something similar (though I think they may have not been given a reason at all as to why their journal had been suspended). Knowing this could happen to an innocent person, knowing what to expect, and knowing that things could be put right really helped.

I was very grateful for that accidental reassurance. And I thought I’d do a post too, in case it can help anyone that I know. I really, really hope that this sort of thing doesn’t happen to anyone on my flist, but forewarned is forearmed.

So - when I logged in yesterday evening, the first thing I saw top-left was a line through my username. Thanks to that other LJ post, I knew immediately this meant my journal had been suspended. But I was also faced with a page telling me that explicitly, and telling me I should have had an email giving a reason. I hadn’t - but again, the other post had prepared me for this.

The page also told me I could contact LJ about the suspension: there was a link which took me to the relevant page. I had to give my full real name, my username and select the subject I was contacting them about. It was something like ‘I would like to know the reason for my suspension’. (The original page gave the subject I should choose as something slightly different, but as far as I could see it wasn’t on the list - the one I did select was the closest.)

I also was able to add a comment if I wanted. I kept the ‘what-the-hell-ing’ to a minimum, and simply said something like: ‘I haven’t received an email giving the reason for my journal’s suspension. And I believe it to be a complete mistake.’

So that was the report done. I just had to wait for someone to look at it. The next thing was to let LJ friends know what had happened. I would guess everyone on my flist has this sorted out already, but I would recommend making sure you have another way of contacting at least one LJ chum, so they can then spread the word. I think Small Hobbit’s ‘are you okay?’ email and my ‘my journal’s been suspended!’ email were written pretty much simultaneously ^^

When logged into LJ, I really couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t read my own messages or look at my friends feed. But when I was logged out, and went to [ profile] sherlock60, I could see that my posts and comments had disappeared. Again, thanks to that other LJ post, I was aware this was only temporary. It was stressful - the thought of never being allowed back to LJ and so no-one else being able to access the poetry pages with all their comments made me feel sick - but at least I knew the posts and comments hadn’t been deleted.

It is annoying that I don’t know why my journal was flagged - whether it was a blip, an accident, one of my comments or notes being automatically flagged as dodgy, or even someone maliciously reporting my journal. But at least I know if it happens again, it can be easily fixed.

And thank you especially to Okapi, Mrs. P. and Small Hobbit for your concern and your support while things were fixed this time. It meant a great deal ^__^
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So, some mildly exciting news ^^

I mentioned a while ago that I'd sold some pieces of microfiction to a tiny publisher. The company is called JayHenge Publishing and it's run by Jessica Augustsson.

JayHenge has now published Phantasmical Contraptions & Other Errors, an anthology of short stories in the steampunk genre, and two of my pieces have been included: Plattery Will Get You Nowhere and The Hearing Aid. I've chosen to have them published under the name Charlotte Frankel--which isn't my real name but obviously I don't want to be swamped by fans while I'm busy selling cut-price baked beans.

You can find the book here on Amazon UK and here on the US site. (There are also Kindle versions under the same title but they haven't been linked to the paperback versions yet.) I've been given a PDF of the book for free and I have to say it looks gorgeous. I suppose I was expecting something rather plain and straightforward (to be fair, looking at the Kindle sample, that version does appear to be plainer) but a great deal of effort has gone into the layout. There's a little illustration after each story--mine have got a teapot and a chap with a moustache! *restrained middle-aged flailing* And there's a wonderful front cover illustration too. I haven't read all of the stories yet but there are at least three authors whose work I can vouch for. (You may remember me mentioning Damon L. Wakes...)

I must point out I have no financial interest in the book--I've already had my fee for the stories. But I suppose I do have an emotional interest in it. I'm vaguely hoping that someone who has never come across my writing before will leave a review and say how nice my stories are... *gazes into the distance and sighs* (They're quite small, my dreams ^__^)

Anyway, one toe dipped into the professional world ^_^
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So, just a round-up of writing--and reading--things ^^

I had a birthday this month, and I received two lovely fics:

Firstly, Happy Birthday by [ profile] thesmallhobbit, in which Mouselet and the rest of the gang manage to batter my bouquet and eat part of my cake. (You know, I spent part of my birthday looking up articles about Victorian taxidermy… *gives gang a significant look*)

And secondly, the brilliant and witty The Greek Decanter by [ profile] okapi1895, in which Sherlock (possibly born a coffeepot, formerly a teapot and now a vase) and John (definitely a teapot) go to visit Mycroft (definitely a coffeepot).

Okapi’s fic is set in my Tea Set AU series. Writing John and Sherlock as teapots was my first major go at a story in the Sherlock fandom--the fics were inspired by this photograph on Tumblr by [ profile] hisietari. (Essentially I look at people and think: ‘I don’t know what the heck’s going on there.’ Then I look at objects and think: ‘Well, obviously I know what it’s like to be a teapot.’)

I’m just so touched that Okapi chose to write something so personal for me, and so impressed with what she did with the idea--the whole fic is packed with marvellous details.

In July I took part in Flash Fiction Month over on DA. I managed to complete all 31 stories as usual and with regard to the prizes, I was the runner-up for Week 4--which is not to be sniffed at I suppose. I felt this year was a weaker crop of stories overall, though there were many stories I was very happy with. And I’ve discovered I can still write while half-asleep ^^ I’ve also definitely sold one of the stories and I’m probably going to sell another, once I’ve finished a bit of rewriting. (It’s the same tiny publisher I’ve mentioned before.)

I’ve signed up again for [ profile] heroinebigbang’s Round 4 Redux. If you remember, Round 4 sort of fizzled out and then sprang back into life but I decided to post my fic on my own because I wanted it out of the way. But I want to try and do an official fic for the challenge too. This one will just be a tiny bang--under 5,000 words.

And [ profile] smallfandombang’s Round 6 is on the way--it’s starting 1st September! For this round, I’m going to try and produce a 50,000 word work. I’ve got 5 months until the rough drafts are due--I think I can do it. I’m thinking of doing a Dear Ladies/Pirates of Penzance crossover. I have no idea about the details, or any kind of plot, yet though.

Finally, I’d like to do a bit of advertising on behalf of a DA friend.

Damon L. Wakes has had a novella accepted by the crowdfunding publisher Unbound. Writers pitch their ideas (in Damon’s case the novella was already written), and then to quote Unbound: If it’s got the makings of a great book, we’ll launch it on our site. If readers like the idea they can pledge and support it for exclusive rewards.

The book is called Ten Little Astronauts and in the author’s own words, it’s ‘an Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery novella set on board an interstellar spacecraft’.

If you follow the link, you can see Damon’s pitch video--filmed inside an actual submarine--the synopsis for the book, an excerpt, a little about the author, and the list of pledge amounts and what you will receive in exchange.

To quote the author again:

If you’ve ever organised a project through, supported a project on, or simply heard of Kickstarter, you’ll have some idea how the process works. The main difference with Unbound is that they’ll only take on projects they have some faith in: they already put forward the money to get me on board that submarine with a professional videographer!

If funded, Ten Little Astronauts will have professional editing, proofreading and cover design, with a trade paperback distributed by Penguin Random House no less.

Do please go and have a look. If the idea for the book grabs you and you can spare the cash (heaven knows I agonised over that aspect), consider making a pledge--the lowest amount is £10. You’ll be helping a book to come into being and helping an exceptionally talented young writer along on the next step of his career. I so admire Damon. He’s ambitious in the most positive sense of the word--working so hard to get his stuff out there, while always taking the time to be interested in other people’s writing too.
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I've just finished taking part in Flash Fiction Month over on DA - writing a story of 55 to 1,000 words each day of July. Here's links to the final batch of stories, if anyone wants to take a look:

A Wordy Romance

Feeling Positive About Being Neutral



Midlives Crisis


A Light in the Darkness

Or you can find all my stories grouped together here.

Author's Choice: Depth! A wishing well gets philosophical.

And that's the lot ^^ I've now got an awful lot of reading to catch up with on both sites...
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At the moment I'm taking part in Flash Fiction Month over on DA - writing a story of 55 to 1,000 words each day of July. Here's links to the next batch of stories, if anyone wants to take a look:

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The Big Break-Up

Let Sleeping Bags Lie


Setting The Stage

Dress-Down Wednesday

The Things That Come Out of Your Mouth

Or you can find all my stories grouped together here.

Author's Choice: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes! A tale of firefighter homunculi, hopeless love, humors and humour.
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At the moment I'm taking part in Flash Fiction Month over on DA - writing a story of 55 to 1,000 words each day of July. Here's links to my next batch of stories, if anyone wants to take a look:

Planning is Key

Rock Vs. Paper Vs. Scissors

Find The Missing Word

Um and Er

Away With The Fairies

It's Tea Time

The Power of Laughter

Lock Up Your Daughters

Kissers and Cakeholes

Or you can find all my stories grouped together here.

Author's Choice: Find The Missing Word! A wordplay mystery in the form of a 369'er - that is, three separate but interrelated stories of exactly 69 words each.
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At the moment I'm taking part in Flash Fiction Month over on DA - writing a story of 55 to 1,000 words each day of July.

Here's links to the first batch, if anyone wants to have a look:

Noir Comedy

Dream Job

Blue Fairy


Red Herring

The Hearing Aid

Underneath the Stars

Laura's Debut

Author's Pick: Noir Comedy! A humorous crossover between Commedia dell'arte and Detective Noir. (Oh, there was some Googling that day...)
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Well, as my country continues to go through Interesting Times (is it possible to claim political asylum and take out citizenship of the internet?), writing about my hobby does seem a bit trivial at the moment ^^” But still, here’s a round-up of what I’ve been up.

Writing Round-Up )
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Acquired from [ profile] thesmallhobbit ^^ Nothing could ever match up to hers, but here's my go anyway.

The meme:
1. Go to this website:
2. Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into, type them in, then get your randomized list and match to the entries below.
3. Tag five or more people - or, you know, have a go if you fancy it.
4. Have fun!

Meme Results )
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Well, as my sister likes to put it, I have just handed in my homework to the [ profile] holmestice mods. I’m pretty happy with my fic and I’m looking forward to seeing what my recipient thinks of it. I’m also pretty excited about finding out what my gift fic is going to be like. Posting will begin on 1st June and runs to the 14th.

I’ve also finally completed my [ profile] heroinebigbang fic. It’s about 26,500 words long. My sister is currently reading it, just for (alleged) pleasure at the moment, though she is doing a bit of informal beta-ing as she goes. So far I have called the vicar’s wife Clarissa instead of Cressida, demonstrated a tendency to drop the pronoun “you” from questions, and teamed a shawl with a chiffon scarf—which is apparently “too much”. (The scarf is being replaced by a hat.) I am determined to get the wretched thing posted sometime in the first half of June, and then I can start thinking about writing something 50,000 words long. (^^”)

And in other writing news… I think I might be in the process of selling my first story. It’s for an anthology being produced by a (self-proclaimed) tiny publisher. It wouldn’t be much money but I’m very pleased—it’s a start. I’ll bang on about it in more detail if/when it actually happens.

To finish, a personal update: my sister is nobly fixing the results of years of water damage at the back of the kitchen sink, so we’re having to do the washing up in the bath. Not actually in the bath—in a plastic washing up bowl. But still—in the bath.
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Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear [ profile] okapi1895!
Happy birthday to yoooou!

Hope you're having a lovely day, and here is a silly story for you:

Title: Giraffe-Sherlock and Okapi-John
Fandom: Sherlock (AU)
Rating: G
Length: 976
Pairing: eventual Giraffe-Sherlock/Okapi-John
Content notes: I hate to break it to you but - crack.
Author notes: For a talented writer and good friend.
Summary: Giraffe-Sherlock decides to become a consulting giraffe. His first client is Ferret-Lestrade.

Giraffe-Sherlock and Okapi-John )
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Well, yesterday I posted my [ profile] intoabar fic The Adventure of the Two Doctors: Dame Hilda Bracket meets Dr. Watson. As I’ve mentioned before, my initial reaction was disappointment when I was assigned an ACD Holmes character for the second year running. But putting those two characters together has turned out very well, and the fic makes a lovely companion piece to my Evadne & Irene Adler story. I’m so glad now that I was assigned Dr. Watson. (However, I think I will be dropping ACD Holmes from next year’s [ profile] intoabar sign-up. Time to try pastures new…)

Also, I’ve received my [ profile] holmestice assignment. Naturally I can’t discuss any of the details but I can say that it’s fine. *collapses in relief* I haven’t come up with an idea yet but I’m going to have a proper think tomorrow.

My [ profile] heroinebigbang fic now stands at just a smidgen under 26,000 words. I’ve got a full draft to work on--the first half is pretty much done, and I’ve made a list of things I need to look at in the second half. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever written but I’m reasonably happy with the standard of it, and it’s taught me a lot about writing at length and sustaining a story. The rough draft is technically due 4th May--unfortunately though, it does look likely that this round of Heroine Big Bang won’t be formally happening. Which is a shame, but I will be keeping to the schedule and I’ll be posting my finished fic sometime in early June. And I am grateful to the challenge for giving me a target and deadlines.

So, there definitely isn’t going to be accompanying artwork for that fic. But all the excitement over getting artwork for my [ profile] smallfandombang fic has got me thinking about trying to create my own fanart. I’m not sure I could ever manage drawing using computer software but when I was young I did learn to draw manually to a reasonable standard. It’s a skill I let slide and I rather regret that. I’d like to start again and create my own pictures of Hilda and Evadne’s adventures. I’m not saying I’ll get up to the standard of the art for my Dear Ladies [ profile] smallfandombang fic but it’s something to aim for. And maybe when the next round comes up, I’ll be able to take part as an artist as well as a writer.
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It’s the posting period at [ profile] smallfandombang at the moment. My Dear Ladies fic Held to Account went up on Sunday, which was also the first time I had seen [ profile] amoredition’s accompanying art in all its final glory. You can see it here on Tumblr and also here on LJ, if you fancy leaving her a comment! The art features Hilda, Evadne and one of my OCs Duncan—who was quite happy working as a porter at The Queens of the Theatre Club until encountering Hilda and Evadne’s mountain of luggage. (To be fair, it’s mainly Hilda’s.) The story involves the dear ladies going on a quest to investigate a 30 year old crime, and in the background of the artwork you can see the route they take on their travels. I love the overall design of the artwork and I love all the little details. It's wonderful—I'm thrilled with it.

I’m still working on my [ profile] heroinebigbang fic. I’m up to 21,500 words now. I’m fairly happy with the first half or so—though it still needs a bit more work. The second half is pretty much there but it’s still rather bitty—it needs developing. But I’m not (too) worried. I am on schedule.

For my [ profile] intoabar fic I've been assigned Dr. Watson for Dame Hilda Bracket to meet. I must admit I was a little disappointed at first. When I decided to sign up I thought that I would just put down ACD Holmes for my fandoms, same as last year. Then I decided to be bold! I decided to nominate more fandoms! And I put down Are You Being Served? and Pirates of Penzance too! And… I got a character from ACD Holmes, same as last year. (Well, at least I didn’t get Irene Adler again.) But I have to say putting Hilda and Watson together is working out very well. I’ve already written a 3,000 word first draft.

I think I’m also going to sign up for [ profile] holmestice. There’s a week to go for sign-ups, so I’ve got some time to think about it. Must admit I find [ profile] holmestice a bit intimidating—makes me feel like a very minor player with not much to offer. But there’s always room for even minor players to play.
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Just thought I’d do a round-up of what I’ve been up to.

1st April )

Round 5 began over on [ profile] sherlock60 yesterday and it appears to be going well. We seem to have preparing for the new round for so long that it’s just nice to be over that hurdle and for things to be back to normal again. And I’m hoping to give [ profile] holmes_minor a bit more attention now.

My [ profile] heroinebigbang fic has now reached 20,000 words. The whole story is basically there but there are still scenes missing and it needs a lot of work in general. However, I am confident it’s all going to come together.

I’ve also signed up for [ profile] intoabar and we all should be receiving our assignments in the next few days. This time I’ve picked Dame Hilda Bracket from Dear Ladies, and my randomly assigned character will be from either Sherlock Holmes (ACD), The Pirates of Penzance or Are You Being Served? I’m presently working through an obsession with Pirates, having discovered the 1983 film version on YouTube. (I can often be found striding home after work singing: “Come friends who plough the sea..!”) I don’t know if it’s permissible to have crushes on entire choruses but I seem to have fallen for the policemen and General Stanley’s daughters, and their respective choreographies. And Are You Being Served? is a sitcom from my childhood. My teenage nephew is a media student, and recently worked as a cameraman on a student recreation of one of the episodes. His enthusiasm made me decide to give the fandom a go. And lots of episodes are available on YouTube so I can refresh my memory.

Last but not least, [ profile] smallfandombang will be starting posting tomorrow. I have chosen the 10th for my posting date--so very shortly my first long fic and my associate’s accompanying artwork will be making their public debut! (V. excited.)
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The engineer has been! The phone line is mended! I'm thrilled to be properly back online! The saga is over and you won't have to listen to me complaining any more! I think I may have overdone the exclamation marks! (I can't seem to stop!) (Oh, no!) (Help!)
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Just letting you know I'm sort of back online at home.

My phone line is still dead - apparently it "may be a few more days" before it's fixed. (*laughs mildly hysterically* Last time our phone line failed it was weeks before the phone company were able to mend it and they had to dig up the road ^^") However, my brother has lent me a mobile Wi-Fi device to use in the meantime.

It's not unlimited usage, so I may still not be around as much as I usually am. But it will allow me to take part in [ profile] sherlock60 on Sunday ^_^ And it's just such a relief to have the option of being able to use the internet at home.
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Apologies to my [ profile] sherlock60 chums - my home internet connection died Saturday night (currently posting from the library). It should hopefully be mended by Wednesday, when I will catch up fully with my commenting!
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Today was the final check-in over at [ profile] smallfandombang. My very first big bang fic stands at just over 16,000 words and is all ready to be posted next month. I'm pretty excited about that but I'm even more excited over the fact my story was claimed by an artist, so it will be getting accompanying fanart. I have to say that artists for this challenge have been extraordinarily generous - we authors far outnumber them and quite a few artists ended up claiming several fics.

I feel like I'm getting to grips with writing at length now. I wanted to keep pushing myself, so in February I signed up for the "whammy" at [ profile] heroinebigbang. That's a 25,000 word minimum. My fic stands at the moment at approximately 7,000 words and has to be 50% finished on 4th May when the rough drafts are due (but I definitely want to be further along than that) and the final version has to be handed in by 30th May. Nobody I know well is doing the challenge, so I wanted to mention it here to make it "real" and make sure I don't chicken out. But I am confident I'm going to have a reasonably well-written, 25,000 word fic done by the end of May. Isn't it odd how quickly you adjust once you start trying things? Not that long ago, 25,000 words would have just seemed impossible to me - now I can view it as: "Well, I know I can write 1,000 words in a day. So 25,000 words is just doing that 25 times."

For both big bangs, I'm writing in the Dear Ladies fandom. A little bit of trivia that might interest some of the people reading this: Hilda and Evadne often refer in their stage and radio shows to old friends and colleagues, and two of these characters, Dodie Bantock and her husband Courtney, appeared in Dear Ladies. Only in two episodes, but they were main characters within those episodes. And Dodie Bantock is played by Rosalie Williams. Who was..? Anyone? Yes - the Granada Mrs. Hudson! When did I finally realise Dodie Bantock was Mrs. Hudson? Only two months ago. The characters are very different and look very different - but that's ridiculous ^^" I'm so taken aback that my fandoms have been overlapping in this way without me noticing.

Just to finish off - as I mentioned in my last post, I'm now the proud co-mod of [ profile] holmes_minor and I'm thrilled with how things have been going so far. We've had quite a few people join and some splendid submissions. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the comm develops.


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