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My gift fic has been posted on [ profile] acd_holmesfest, and it's astounding ^^ It's called Literary Shortcomings - please go and have a look!

If you're reading my journal, then you're aware that I like microfiction (essentially it floats my boat so much it's a hovercraft). The author of my gift was aware of this too and chose to use a microfiction format - I had never come across it before but apparently it belongs to the [ profile] 1sentence comm. A table containing 50 single word prompts was chosen and one sentence was written for each prompt. The sentences were then combined to make an examination of Holmes and Watson's relationship.

All the sentences stand alone, with their prompts as titles, but they take you through the whole of Holmes and Watson's friendship from Watson being wounded to the events of His Last Bow. Some of the sentences are funny, some are moving, some make you think. As I say, they're all separate but as you go from one to the next, the cumulative effect grows. It's really rather powerful.

And the writing is gorgeous. It's like being given a box filled with exquisitely painted miniatures, or tiny, beautiful objects. They are designed to go in one particular order but you can pick them up individually and look at them and study them, or put them together in smaller groups. Fanciful I know, but that is sort of how I feel about the fic - it does feel as though I've been given many little stories, each with its own personality, pictures and colours.

I'm so touched that the author chose to use a microfiction format - it makes the gift feel so personal. I'd been pretty confident that I was going to receive something good in the fest but this is beyond what I was expecting. It really is perfect for me.


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