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A couple of weeks ago we were looking at the first half of The Valley of Fear over on [ profile] sherlock60. The novel begins on the 7th of January, which is of course the day after the Epiphany. And incidentally, as you may know, the Epiphany is traditionally held to be Sherlock Holmes' birthday. So I was rummaging around online for things to do with the Epiphany in the Victorian era, and I came across the Epiphany Tart. (The link goes to a website called

The Epiphany Tart is a jam tart made with up to 13 different jams: the shape of a six pointed star is formed inside a pastry case with more pastry and then all the sections are filled up to make a stained glass window effect. Apparently it was very popular in Victorian times.

I included the tart in a 60 word ficlet and chatted about it with the other comm members - in particular [ profile] okapi1895. Who has only gone and made one! Here is the link to her original journal post, and you can also see her tart here on [ profile] sherlock60.

And that's not all. I mentioned the tart to [ profile] vaysh too - and she's made one as well. You can find it here on her journal.

I'm kind of thrilled ^_^ This is what I love about the internet and making connections with people: I found something and said "isn't this interesting?" and other people agreed and then took it further.


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