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Today was the final check-in over at [ profile] smallfandombang. My very first big bang fic stands at just over 16,000 words and is all ready to be posted next month. I'm pretty excited about that but I'm even more excited over the fact my story was claimed by an artist, so it will be getting accompanying fanart. I have to say that artists for this challenge have been extraordinarily generous - we authors far outnumber them and quite a few artists ended up claiming several fics.

I feel like I'm getting to grips with writing at length now. I wanted to keep pushing myself, so in February I signed up for the "whammy" at [ profile] heroinebigbang. That's a 25,000 word minimum. My fic stands at the moment at approximately 7,000 words and has to be 50% finished on 4th May when the rough drafts are due (but I definitely want to be further along than that) and the final version has to be handed in by 30th May. Nobody I know well is doing the challenge, so I wanted to mention it here to make it "real" and make sure I don't chicken out. But I am confident I'm going to have a reasonably well-written, 25,000 word fic done by the end of May. Isn't it odd how quickly you adjust once you start trying things? Not that long ago, 25,000 words would have just seemed impossible to me - now I can view it as: "Well, I know I can write 1,000 words in a day. So 25,000 words is just doing that 25 times."

For both big bangs, I'm writing in the Dear Ladies fandom. A little bit of trivia that might interest some of the people reading this: Hilda and Evadne often refer in their stage and radio shows to old friends and colleagues, and two of these characters, Dodie Bantock and her husband Courtney, appeared in Dear Ladies. Only in two episodes, but they were main characters within those episodes. And Dodie Bantock is played by Rosalie Williams. Who was..? Anyone? Yes - the Granada Mrs. Hudson! When did I finally realise Dodie Bantock was Mrs. Hudson? Only two months ago. The characters are very different and look very different - but that's ridiculous ^^" I'm so taken aback that my fandoms have been overlapping in this way without me noticing.

Just to finish off - as I mentioned in my last post, I'm now the proud co-mod of [ profile] holmes_minor and I'm thrilled with how things have been going so far. We've had quite a few people join and some splendid submissions. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the comm develops.
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[ profile] thesmallhobbit has been busy doing the proper promotions but I too am happy to announce that I am now the proud co-mod of a brand new comm [ profile] holmes_minor.

It's an ACD Sherlock Holmes comm for microfiction and poetry, and everybody is welcome! There's more information in the opening post and on the profile.


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