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I had a rather satisfyingly busy January on LJ, so I thought I'd have a go at documenting it here.

On New Year's Eve I impulsively signed up to rec for [ profile] 221b_recs. I had intended to volunteer for February or March, but the comm seemed desperate for people and I thought it was as good a time as any. There had been [ profile] acd_holmesfest and [ profile] holmestice recently, and I had quite a few favourites ready to recommend. I'd recced before in July but I only managed the minimum four and this time I was determined to do the full twelve. I was very pleased that I reached that goal, and I have to say I enjoyed the experience more second time around. I think it's easy to start second guessing yourself: is this too popular? Has everyone already seen it? Is this not going to be popular enough - is it just something I like? Are people going to think I'm odd for suggesting this? This time I just got on with it, and I think everything I suggested got some attention via my rec. It makes me strangely proud - the pieces have nothing to do with me, yet there's something about pointing people in the direction of work that you love, and them going on to love it too.

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Well, I recently took part in my very first gift exchange over at [ profile] acd_holmesfest. Thought I'd have a go at recording my experiences.

There were positive and negative aspects for me. I have to say that from signing up to handing over the story I found it hellishly stressful. It's been a while since I worried so much about my writing. I actually wrote my story twice - I'd written 3,500 words, done a fair amount of revising and pretty much finished the thing when I thought: this is awful. It was boring for me, let alone any potential readers. I started again from the beginning, writing the story in a different way. Cutting down on the plot and bumping up the jokes ^^

I did seriously think about asking the mods to find someone else to write for my recipient. What kept me going in the end wasn't the thought that I'd be letting my recipient down (I think [ profile] thesmallhobbit would have got a better deal :P), rather it was the thought I'd be letting everyone down by not doing my bit. Some poor soul would be writing me a fic but I wouldn't have done anything to deserve it. (The poor soul was in fact methylviolet10b. I hadn't realised that, as a new girl who didn't really know anyone, a mod would be writing my gift ^^" You can find her wonderful story here.)

It can't be much fun for the mods, but I think I understand now why people sometimes drop out. It's an acute kind of stage fright - the knowledge that your work is going to be on show alongside that of seriously accomplished writers. I must admit, it was a relief to eventually discover that, though there were no poor pieces, there was a definite range of abilities amongst the participants. My fic did fit somewhere.

The part of the fest I completely enjoyed though was the commenting. I loved the camaraderie of reading, and viewing the art alongside the other members, and seeing what they thought. During the previous round I did have a bit of a go at commenting. But I was self-conscious and terrified of giving offence - so what I said was brief and stilted. This time I felt like part of the gang and was relaxed enough to be my usual self. Because I was taking part in the fest, I felt like I'd earned the right to comment on the other pieces.

And following on from that thought... It's taken quite a while but I think I'm starting to find my feet on LJ. I've followed [ profile] thesmallhobbit's excellent lead and got involved in a couple more comms: I've written two pieces so far for [ profile] fan_flashworks. And I've signed up to do recs for [ profile] watsons_woes in December. (Just about to start work on my first fic for the comm as well.) [ profile] sherlock60 is still my base but it's no longer the only place where I feel at home. I've begun having contact with people outside of [ profile] sherlock60, and I think I'm teetering on the edge of becoming part of a bigger group of friends and becoming a more integral part of LJ. It's a nice feeling ^^
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In just under a month I will have been on LJ for a year.

I've made some wonderful friends, done a bit of commenting, had my first proper go at being a beta, for [ profile] thesmallhobbit's [ profile] sherlock_remix story The Investigation (I suggested moving a comma slightly to the right. Oh, yes - it's always worth calling me in) and, of course, I've been giving my all to [ profile] sherlock60^^

But otherwise, I haven't got terribly involved with the site so far. So, as a first step to broadening my horizons, I have volunteered to make recs for [ profile] 221b_recs during the month of July. Please keep an eye out for my posts! ^_^


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