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Jerome K. Jerome
Came from a poor home.
But Three Men in a Boat
Kept him afloat.
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Greg Lestrade

Is the pick of the Yard.

Grey hair doesn’t make him look old.

Silver is gold.

Doctor John H. Watson

Honeymooned in the hot sun.

I like his wife Mary

But your mileage may vary.

Sherlock Holmes

Has superb chromosomes.

But he won’t pass on his mind.

He’s not the marrying kind.

Mary Morstan

Set her phaser for stun.

Her aim was selective.

Or we’d be down one detective.

Mrs Hudson

Is always such good fun.

And now we’ve discovered

She once danced uncovered.


Isn’t getting soft.

He doesn’t go easy on his brother.

Remember what happened to the other…

Charles Augustus Magnussen

Has a name that’s very difficult to rhyme with.

He could only be stopped with a gun.

In a sense he still won.
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There was a young artist named Lear.
I made writing part of my career.
And as Jumblies knew,
If old words would not do,
I could make new ones appear.

My limericks still entertain,
Though my endings may seem rather plain.
But it is by design
I repeat the first line
In the limericks that still entertain.

I am an old writer named Lear.
Tragedians have nothing to fear,
But my nonsense and rhyme
Have lasted through time.
When it comes to word-play, the king’s Lear.

A/N: I wrote this for an Author-Off on dA. I won ^^ (But there were only seven of us taking part...)


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