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1. Read "The Empty House". So after "The Final Problem" yesterday, I am happy in the knowledge that Holmes is safely home again ^^

2. My sister bought chocolate muffins. I mean - I shared the chocolate muffins. I'm not just celebrating my sister's good fortune in getting them...

3. We pumped the (filtered) waste water out of the septic tank. (Unglamorous I know, but it has to be done.)

And that's it, thank heavens. I can now stop trying to be positive. (^^)
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1. Posting day at my beloved [ profile] sherlock60! ^_^ Rather pleased to have got FINA out of the way... (For more reasons than one. Have you ever tried rhyming "Peter Steiler the elder"?)

2. Nice quiet day. Saw no-one other than family members. I think a day away from people is never a day wasted :P

3. The family computer seems to have settled down after having its new anti-virus software installed. (I think it's becoming increasingly apparent I don't have a life ^^")
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1. Someone left a really lovely comment on my most recent fanfic on AO3: Holmes and his Watsons. (Oh, how I struggled with that plot. I'm not a natural story teller ^^" Thank you once again to [ profile] thesmallhobbit for the beta.)

2. I've checked through and edited my discussion post for [ profile] sherlock60, so it's all ready for the morning now ^^

3. My brother's children came round for the day. And then they went home again. (I do love them really.) (^^")
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1. The story I posted yesterday was on the front page of dA today for a while - in the Undiscovered Section. (I'm never quite sure how that works. I think it's to do with the ratio of comments and faves to hits in the first hours after something is posted: a piece may have relatively few hits but if it's popular with the people who have actually seen it, it stands a chance of going into the Undiscovered Section.) I got a very nice comment from a gentleman I'd not been in contact with before, saying he'd sent a link to the story to his daughter, who needed cheering up. That's two of my favourite things really: I've got friends who read and comment on my work regularly but it's always pleasant to have a positive comment from someone who doesn't know you and is simply reacting to your work. And I love it when a reader tells me that they enjoyed a piece so much they read it out loud to someone else, or let someone else know about it.

2. A 55 word story I posted on Tumblr yesterday (I wrote it originally for Flash Fiction Month on dA) is up to 22 notes today ^_^ That's the most notes I've ever had on a story.

I'll put the piece here for your reading pleasure:


“I thought full stop didn’t feel like going because of her period,” whispered hyphen.

“Oh, no,” said semicolon, “that’s not full stop; that’s dot, one of the ellipsis sisters.”

Well, considered hyphen as he prepared to dash off, it had been a confusing story but now it seemed he’d be able to join the dots…

3. Er... There was a two for one offer on the margarine at the supermarket..? (Mine is not the most interesting of lives.)
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‚ÄčThe Rules: during the next five days, post three positive things about your day and ask three people to do the same so the positive attitude can gain some ground.

And thank you to [ profile] thesmallhobbit for nominating me ^^

1. I edited a piece of flash fiction and posted it on dA - a story about socks being dragged to hell through a portal in a tumble dryer. A Sensible Cardigan goes to the rescue. (As someone commented recently, I have a talent for whimsy ^^")

2. I walked up the lane to the local farm shop in the peace and quiet of the late afternoon. I saw the sheep, I heard the ducks, I glared at the passing motorists once I reached the main road. And now we have plenty of potatoes, carrots and sprouts, and I have longer arms.

3. I listened to Take It From Here on Radio 4 Extra - it's one of my favourite radio comedies. It ran from 1948 - 1960 (before even I was born ^^) and though the odd reference may have dated (and the songs must have seem old-fashioned even at the time) the comedy is still fresh. Heavy on the puns and wordplay, just as I like it. TIFH was written by Denis Norden and the late Frank Muir - I really miss Frank Muir but it's nice that his work is still around and continuing to amuse people.

Don't think I've really got anyone I can nominate. Unless [ profile] laurose8 wants to have a go..?


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