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Well, as my sister likes to put it, I have just handed in my homework to the [ profile] holmestice mods. I’m pretty happy with my fic and I’m looking forward to seeing what my recipient thinks of it. I’m also pretty excited about finding out what my gift fic is going to be like. Posting will begin on 1st June and runs to the 14th.

I’ve also finally completed my [ profile] heroinebigbang fic. It’s about 26,500 words long. My sister is currently reading it, just for (alleged) pleasure at the moment, though she is doing a bit of informal beta-ing as she goes. So far I have called the vicar’s wife Clarissa instead of Cressida, demonstrated a tendency to drop the pronoun “you” from questions, and teamed a shawl with a chiffon scarf—which is apparently “too much”. (The scarf is being replaced by a hat.) I am determined to get the wretched thing posted sometime in the first half of June, and then I can start thinking about writing something 50,000 words long. (^^”)

And in other writing news… I think I might be in the process of selling my first story. It’s for an anthology being produced by a (self-proclaimed) tiny publisher. It wouldn’t be much money but I’m very pleased—it’s a start. I’ll bang on about it in more detail if/when it actually happens.

To finish, a personal update: my sister is nobly fixing the results of years of water damage at the back of the kitchen sink, so we’re having to do the washing up in the bath. Not actually in the bath—in a plastic washing up bowl. But still—in the bath.
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Well, yesterday I posted my [ profile] intoabar fic The Adventure of the Two Doctors: Dame Hilda Bracket meets Dr. Watson. As I’ve mentioned before, my initial reaction was disappointment when I was assigned an ACD Holmes character for the second year running. But putting those two characters together has turned out very well, and the fic makes a lovely companion piece to my Evadne & Irene Adler story. I’m so glad now that I was assigned Dr. Watson. (However, I think I will be dropping ACD Holmes from next year’s [ profile] intoabar sign-up. Time to try pastures new…)

Also, I’ve received my [ profile] holmestice assignment. Naturally I can’t discuss any of the details but I can say that it’s fine. *collapses in relief* I haven’t come up with an idea yet but I’m going to have a proper think tomorrow.

My [ profile] heroinebigbang fic now stands at just a smidgen under 26,000 words. I’ve got a full draft to work on--the first half is pretty much done, and I’ve made a list of things I need to look at in the second half. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever written but I’m reasonably happy with the standard of it, and it’s taught me a lot about writing at length and sustaining a story. The rough draft is technically due 4th May--unfortunately though, it does look likely that this round of Heroine Big Bang won’t be formally happening. Which is a shame, but I will be keeping to the schedule and I’ll be posting my finished fic sometime in early June. And I am grateful to the challenge for giving me a target and deadlines.

So, there definitely isn’t going to be accompanying artwork for that fic. But all the excitement over getting artwork for my [ profile] smallfandombang fic has got me thinking about trying to create my own fanart. I’m not sure I could ever manage drawing using computer software but when I was young I did learn to draw manually to a reasonable standard. It’s a skill I let slide and I rather regret that. I’d like to start again and create my own pictures of Hilda and Evadne’s adventures. I’m not saying I’ll get up to the standard of the art for my Dear Ladies [ profile] smallfandombang fic but it’s something to aim for. And maybe when the next round comes up, I’ll be able to take part as an artist as well as a writer.
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It’s been a while since I wrote anything in my journal, so I thought I might record what I’ve been up to in my writing.

I recently entered a Hallowe’en competition that is held every year in the DA literature community, and my story House H(a)unting came second. Which I was pretty pleased about - I came third last year. I’m not terribly good at coming up with a traditional scary ghost or horror story but I’ve realised that if I just go with my own normal humorous style, it usually all works out OK. Last year I wrote about an unemployed man being hired as bait for a zombie beetle trap, and someone commented on how light-hearted the piece was ^^

Back in September, I followed [ profile] thesmallhobbit’s example and signed up for [ profile] smallfandombang - in order to write a Dear Ladies fic. This is my first go at a big bang and it’s going fairly well. I’m onto my second draft, which is currently about 13,500 words. Not a lot for some writers but flaming astounding for me. I have never written anything this long before - I’m learning as I go. But at least the plot is pretty much sorted out, and I’m greatly relieved to find that jokes are starting to pop up naturally now that aspect of the writing process is out of the way. A Dear Ladies fic really ought to be funny ^^

I’ve also signed up for the small gift challenge WAdvent, which is taking place in December over on [ profile] watsons_woes. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun - I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. There are still some unclaimed posting days, and even when they are claimed people will be allowed to double up - so there’s plenty of space if you’re tempted to join in. I will warn you now that for my offering I will be going proudly, with head held high, down the silly route. But I would imagine that by the time the comm gets to me on the 29th, everyone will be too far gone to care ^^
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My gift fic has been posted on [ profile] acd_holmesfest, and it's astounding ^^ It's called Literary Shortcomings - please go and have a look!

If you're reading my journal, then you're aware that I like microfiction (essentially it floats my boat so much it's a hovercraft). The author of my gift was aware of this too and chose to use a microfiction format - I had never come across it before but apparently it belongs to the [ profile] 1sentence comm. A table containing 50 single word prompts was chosen and one sentence was written for each prompt. The sentences were then combined to make an examination of Holmes and Watson's relationship.

All the sentences stand alone, with their prompts as titles, but they take you through the whole of Holmes and Watson's friendship from Watson being wounded to the events of His Last Bow. Some of the sentences are funny, some are moving, some make you think. As I say, they're all separate but as you go from one to the next, the cumulative effect grows. It's really rather powerful.

And the writing is gorgeous. It's like being given a box filled with exquisitely painted miniatures, or tiny, beautiful objects. They are designed to go in one particular order but you can pick them up individually and look at them and study them, or put them together in smaller groups. Fanciful I know, but that is sort of how I feel about the fic - it does feel as though I've been given many little stories, each with its own personality, pictures and colours.

I'm so touched that the author chose to use a microfiction format - it makes the gift feel so personal. I'd been pretty confident that I was going to receive something good in the fest but this is beyond what I was expecting. It really is perfect for me.
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I popped into the library today to quickly use the internet. And there were signs up saying that just for 1st April, instead of logging in in the normal way, you should use the words “offline” and “dollypeg”. Ha. Very good. Almost got me there, I thought, as I entered my card number and pin. Which didn’t work, as they were overhauling the system and you had to use “offline and “dollypeg”.

Yes, I’d managed to April Fool myself without any outside input. I put it down to the change to BST. I’ll be OK come October.

So, just thought I’d record my March here:

[ profile] thesmallhobbit kindly wrote me two ficlets in response to requested prompts. The most recent one, Up A Tree, slashes Winnie the Pooh with Piglet, and has Tigger as an accidental voyeur. (No, this isn’t an April Fool.) The other has the anthropomorphised broom cupboard at (the Victorian) 221B Baker Street laying down the rules of how many men should be in the cupboard at any one time, and how they should behave whilst within. (No, again, this isn’t an April Fool.) And I’ll just mention a third—this one wasn’t written for me but I do feel a connection with it, as it is a [ profile] sherlock60 canon discussion post written by [ profile] thesmallhobbit’s OC Mouselet. She opted to write about The Golden Pince-Nez, concentrating perhaps a little too heavily on her beloved Inspector Hopkins. (Once again, this isn’t… Well, you get the picture.)

Rambling continues... )
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Sherlock characters
Hosted on [ profile] bbcsherlock.

Just wanted to do one last plug for this fest! It's into the final week now - finishing on 7th March. Please consider having a go - you can find the prompt list here.

February does seem to be have been Microfiction Month for me. I've written two 221Bs, a drabble and a double drabble for the Drabble Fest so far. Just tinkering with submission no. 5, but I'm going to submit it to [ profile] fan_flashworks first. (I want to start working towards my Cross-Pollinator badge. *rubs hands together and cackles avariciously*) And I'm hoping to fit in no. 6 before the fest comes to an end.

I've also written a six word story, a 60 word story and a 221B for the [ profile] watsons_woes Short, Sweet and Whumped challenge. And of course my usual 60s for [ profile] sherlock60. All in all it's been bliss. *sighs*

Also, I'm feeling entirely positive about [ profile] acd_holmesfest. Obviously can't go into details but I'm happy and comfortable with my assignment, I've booked my beta, I've put together a thorough 1,000 word plan, and I've got a title. Small matter now of actually writing it, but I think I know what I'm doing ^^
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Sherlock and John striding down Baker Street

The Drabble Fest over on [ profile] bbcsherlock has begun! ^^ It's running until 7th March 2015: drabbles, double drabbles and 221Bs are all welcome, and you can find the prompt list here.

I'm terribly overexcited, and here's my first attempt! ^_^ (Link goes to AO3.)


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